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S P L I T - Dalmatia, Croatia - cultural, political, economical and a traffic miracle at the heart of Dalmatia. Town of long history; anywhere that stick 'hoe' some find paradise for archeologists. The town emerged on the basis of systematic uncontrolled 'legal and illegal construction' around the country house - palace, of Roman emperor Diocletian (pictures on the bottom of the page). Aside from 1700 years of existence, and even more if considering the environment, in the book of his history can added, more or less successful attempts that his reaches and contents present themselves in the same way as today's very the popular medium INTERNET. Coins in the table, which is small list of Internet sites, are links towards interesting pages related to the Split.  Spalato

 https://w3.mrki.info/split/ 17 centuries of The City of Split, is encircled and fundamental display of town, are described only on the English language, integral representations of all the town's famous features and the historical development of the town, aside from providing the crowd with very attractive photos. Tourist orijenirane pages. Need to stress that the FIRST web sites of town of Split (1995.godina); work which resulted in enthusiasm in the signature of the introductory page. Contents of these pages formerly have been a part of site CARNet-Split.
 https://www.split.info/ University of Split, the centre of all scientific institutions and teaching activities higher education system in the Split. On their pages beside the abundance of useful contents, we find links to al members of University community, which again are separately described on one's site towards one's needs. This is the starting place for all future and current students anybody from college that come to study their interests. Pages of news are regularly updated and directs on all important events commensal. For now only in Croatian.
 https://www.split.hr/ Official pages of Split, pages of the city Split and intended for direct city hole and citizens. These include the economy, sport, culture, traffic and embroiders, communal activity and work city councils. Include the economy, sport, culture, traffic and embroiders, communal activity and work city councils. Regularly occring daily events. Available is also an official messenger. For now only in Croatian.
 https://www.visitsplit.com/index.php?lang=2 Tourist board of Split, without hiding their pride, the people of Split will tell you that their city is 'the most beautiful one in the world and beyond'. You´d better not discuss this with them for well spirited Split will convince you in this as soon as you discover it! This for ever young city with the population of about 200,000 that give it its warm Mediterranean temper, has lived its urban rhythm for as long as 1700 years, with its heart in the Diocletian´s Palace and its soul widespread to embrace you. Ever since the life of the city became protected by the UNESCO and entered into the register of the World Cultural Heritage has been writing the history of is unique capital o Dalmatia. Pages have enriched contents, significantly more information and links in Croatian, English, German, Italian and French language.
 https://www.split.com.hr/ The Split portal, portal which has made by the 'Web team' from eight members, which tries portal will hold actual and funny. Separately says: Because of the chronical lack of Internet portals which would connect the Internet users with the area of Split and neighborhood (and also expand) have decided to establish the Split portal. Therefore, Split portal is, from now and in the future, your place where your voice is heard... occupy ourselves with music, photos, writings, sports and other important or unessentials... have tried to deliver all interesting news... For now only in Croatian.
 https://www.split-guide.info/ Split-guide, guidebook of city Split in English and Croatian. Data has been classified in these categories: about the Split, chill-out, place, rent and... and useful information. Besides the mentioned above, there was also, the history, culture, location beside the acceptable card and consists of photo-gallery. Very beneficially. A very tourist oriented page. Does not have the character of portal.
 https://www.totalsplit.com/ Total Split, the consumer almanac. Consists of the basic information about the town, that is what's most important, database which helps with questions and can search through in the review of groups of activities from tools and engines to trades. Databases search; on the basis of the general inquiry, type of examination (the company name, activity, telephone, address, contact person) and location (placenames) can get at almost only what is printed in this issue of almanac. For now only in Croatian.
 https://www.promet-split.hr/ Traffic, description of the town, suburban and inter-city transport. Of course most of your interest is city lines, timetable and informs. How was able establish data regularly update. Use possibilities of web and these have been made readable interactive city map, these it likely choose the display of 'movement' of bus for the every town line. Peculiarity of interactive card is that have been marked all bus viewpoints for the every city line and for the every direction especially. For the every praise. For now only in Croatian.
 https://www.jadrolinija.hr/ Jadrolinija, a site with tourist oriented pages in Croatian, English, German and Italian language. Describes the SHIP connection down the whole Adriatic, these towards neighbors. Although the site includes the whole Adriatic, these cultivate beside local and intergovernmental connections, are very important for Dalmatia. Search along the card one from very efficient parts these site. This site has been very important for the tourism because with the land connect following islands: Cres, Lošinj, Rab, Pag, Unije, Susak, Ilovik, Srakane, Ugljan, Pašman, Dugi otok, Ist, Molat, Zverinac, Sestrunj, Rivanj, Silbu, Olib, Premudu, Iž, Ravu, Žirje, Kaprije, Prvić, Zlarin, Brač, Hvar, Šoltu, Pelješac, Vis, Drvenik veli i Drvenik mali, Korčulu, Lastovo, Mljet, Šipan, Lopud, Koločep.
 https://www.split-airport.hr/ Split Airport, site of great importance for business and tourism. Times of flights are easily examinable by dates, and also very important is the public link to home and foreign prevoznicima and to other airport sites in Croatia. Of course, connections towards other airports in Croatia, are as important as international connectionso. In the airport insure good bus and taxi brosures, around ship onions, what significantly eases the travelling. Pages are available in Croatian and English language.
 https://split.buzdo.com/ Picture Book of city Split, site only with picture writing contents which carry off on the town Split and narrower neighborhood. Has been divided in galleries which pictures add how the author arrive new. The every picture has been joined the page with the larger picture dimension 1024x768px, on which is the more complete description pictures. Because of large dimensions of increased pictures in the browser show within the framework 800x600px. Pictures can use for your desktop. Simply they prepare with the 'Sava Picture as..'. For now only in Croatian.
 https://informatics.buzdo.com/ IT - Informatics Alphabet, the electronic book which includes the majority of elements Information Technologies, describes their broach the work, these make possible the upgrade of basic information. Favors HyperText-and use links that interrelate pages with related descriptions, these index pages of notions with suitable pages associated notion. Towards quality contents on other sites leads links from alone pages or from the separate page with links, this book is a unique site which becomes a rich environment.
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 Diocletian palace
Palace of Diocletian, 'onMouseOver', 'onMouseOut', 'onClick' and 'onDblClick' effects on the picture. ( + / - )